Customs Broker

Customs Broker

The customs broker "UFIT" is a company that for more than 20 years has been providing a full range of customs services, logistics and cargo transportation, outsourcing foreign trade activities that carry out customs clearance in Kiev and beyond.

Customs broker services in Kiev, customs valuation, customs advice
Customs clearance of goods in Ukraine, has its own nuances. An essential feature, characteristic of our state, is the frequent introduction of amendments and changes in the customs legislation concerning the registration of goods.


This further complicates the already difficult process of declaring goods, and forces importers to keep their hands on the pulse in order to prevent any violation of customs regulations and, as a consequence, the downtime of the goods.


Each subject of foreign economic activity, which has to face the need for customs clearance of goods, is looking for its own ways of solving this problem.


Some firms prefer to hire their customs declarants for customs clearance of cargo, whose duties include all issues related to the declaration of cargo, but the option of creating their own customs service is not suitable for all organizations.


Work with customs authorities involves the participation of at least three specialists: a customs declarant, a manager who must prepare the necessary package of documents, and a lawyer who perfectly knows the issues of customs legislation.


If the company is small or only begins its commercial activities, the maintenance of such a large number of personnel is inappropriate, since it entails serious expenses.


The most economically viable option in this case will be resorting to the services of a customs broker - an organization that specializes in declaring the goods.

Kiev company "UFIT" professionally provides services since 1993. The staff of the company employs employees with more than 15 years of experience in this field. Experienced employees are the main advantage of our company.


An important role is played by the location of our branches directly at the main customs posts, which makes it possible to carry out customs clearance as quickly as possible on the order of the Client.

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