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Forwarding Cervices

Logistics services - one of the basic activities of the company PE "UFIT". We render them according to the European standards of service, and today the focus is on domestic and international freight traffic. Our company is treated both from Kiev and other regions of Ukraine, and from other countries around the world.

PE "UFIT" always tries to organize the process of cargo transportation competently. And it is higher than usual freight carriers, as it gives them tasks and controls the performance of work. Transport logistics usually consists of the following links: 


Международные авиаперевозки Международные автоперевозки Международные контейнерные перевозки


Many production and trade enterprises work for export, as well as purchase imported goods. They should not worry about delivering products to other countries or vice versa. This process requires special skills, established contacts and knowledge of ready-made logistics solutions. Therefore, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals.

Our company will always help to choose the most rational route of cargo movement. We can organize trucking, air transportation, as well as maritime and multimodal transportation.

The company "UFIT" finds an individual approach to each client, flexibly builds business processes and provides complex solutions. Thanks to this, we were able to bring our logistics services to the Ukrainian market and take a worthy place among international operators.

We have experience working since 1993, thanks to the Ukrainian roots in international cargo transportation, we:

 - great practical experience as a customs broker;
 - document the cargo transportation in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
 - We offer competitive prices;
 - We make decisions flexibly and promptly - there are no agreements with the foreign central office;
 - We develop logistics solutions that are effectively applied in Ukraine.

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