Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Not every company that carries out foreign economic activity can react quickly and efficiently to emerging problems, when transporting goods and goods through customs and provide brokerage services in Kiev.


In addition, constantly changing legislation, also creates significant difficulties in the import or export, which may lead to violation of customs regulations, and as a result, the imposition of fines on entities of foreign economic activity, and in some cases, the arrest of cargo.


Therefore, in order to avoid such troubles, and also to ensure the rapid passage of cargo through customs without any problems, you will certainly need the help of qualified customs brokers who will be able to carry out customs clearance according to all rules, without violating the current legislation.
Our company "UFIT" has considerable experience in providing customs services, which include:

 - preparation of foreign economic contract - contract for foreign economic activity
 - classification of goods - selection of the product code according to UKTWED
 - Drawing up the product description
 - optimization of customs procedures
 - calculation of customs payments
 - declaration of goods - customs brokerage services
 - customs clearance of dangerous goods
 - customs clearance of imports
 - customs clearance of exports
 - obtaining of permitting documents - certification, conclusion of SES, licensing

 - declarations of compliance with technical requirements.

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