Transportation of Human remains

Transportation of Human remains

Transportation of Human remains: USA, EU, CIS AND GEORGIA


"Cargo 200" is an inter-national and regional transportation of the deceased body to any point of the country and the world. Now it is called any transportation of a deceased person through the territory of the state or from one country to another, regardless of the type of transport that it transports.

UFIT provides a full package of services that will allow you to choose a budget option and the appropriate way for automobile, railway or air transportation, as well as organize a worthy funeral for an expensive person.


We provide a unique American technology for packaging the deceased BioSeal System5® - this is a super-powerful, fully sealed Bio-Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) bag with a protective casing. It consists of a patented co-laminated flexible metal material that is hermetically sealed with a BioSeal hand-held thermo-separator to create an original absolute sealing solution for human infectious remains. This technology has undergone military verification and proved its safety for more than 15 years.


Груз 200 Груз 200


Employees of the company provide all the stages of transportation:

 - registration of accompanying, as well as papers related to permission from the embassy and the customs service;

 - keeping the body of the deceased in the morgue for the time of registration and receipt of documentation;
 - Organization of embalming the body for long distances;
 - Selection of specially equipped transport;
 - choice of laminated flexible metal material (BioSeal System 5) for hermetic sealing;
 - in the case of a long route, the agent accompanies the body from the initial destination to the final destination;
 - selection of special transport;
 - delivery of "cargo 200" to the morgue;
 - Unpacking and recycling of the container
 - ritual attributes.


The use of BioSeal technology for the transportation of deceased bodies makes it possible to depart from the outdated mode of transportation using zinc packaging, which does not guarantee a tightness, labor-intensive in production and has a high weight. And the most important thing is that a new kind of packaging allows you to use any kind of coffin, any size and design features.

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