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The company "UFIT" is the agent of the largest Ukrainian air company "International Airlines of Ukraine" for providing transport and forwarding services using air transport.


Employees of the company were certified in the International Association of Air Transport Carriers, received IATA certificates for work with general and dangerous goods.





Working with perishable goods, UFIT pays great attention to the issues of delivering such goods to the end user without loss of quality of the goods.


The company has developed a method for packaging, transporting and storing fresh products. The State Service for Intellectual Property of Ukraine received PATENT No. 75887 dated 10.12.2012. On the utility model.


Description of the utility model:


Item 1. The method of packaging, transporting and storing products (fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh greens), comprising filling the packaging container, which is made of any suitable for packing, transporting and storing the material, with fresh products, characterized in that when encapsulating the products, inside the packaging Containers together with products, simultaneously place the natural or artificial materials enclosed in polyethylene bags for cooling, and then the container is closed.


Item 2. A method of packaging, transporting and storing products (fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh greens) according to claim 1, characterized in that natural or artificial ice is used as a natural or artificial material for cooling.


In accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models" patent grants its owner the exclusive right to use Invention (utility model) at its discretion, if such use does not violate the rights of other patent holders.


This model is widely used for the transport of perishable goods, especially fresh greens.


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